Hearing Tests at The Hive, Abbotsford

Modern cities are bustling, noisy places full of activity, and Melbourne is no exception. Our environment can be a constant assault on our ears, and our hearing can slowly degrade over time. It can be difficult to notice due to the gradual change, but if you suspect you’re experiencing hearing loss, make sure you get in contact with the team at Yarra Medical and book yourself in for a hearing test today.

Hearing tests are available at our Abbotsford clinic, located in The Hive Shopping Centre, every second Wednesday. Please call reception to book.

Bulk Billing

Bulk billing hearing assessments (60min) and subsidized hearing aids are available with a GP referral for:

  • Pension Card Holder
  • DVA Card Holders

Please note, bulk billing is only available with presentation of a valid card as mentioned above; we cannot bulk bill you if your card has expired.

Private Fees

Private consults are charged for all other patients. The ‘GAP’ is the amount you end up paying after you have received your Medicare rebate.

  • Full diagnostic hearing assessment (60min) – $160 ($110 GAP)
  • Wax removal $100
  • Swim/sleep/noise plugs – $270
  • Musicians ear plugs – $300

Cancellation Fees

  • Cancellation Fee (within 24 hours) is 50% of fee