Yarra Medical Abbotsford is a mixed billing clinic.

Bulk Billing

Bulk billing is available Monday to Friday from 12noon to 2.50pm ONLY  and applies to:

  • Children 15 and under
  • Health Care Card Holders
  • Pension Card Holder

Please note bulk billing is only available with presentation of a valid card as mentioned above. We cannot bulk bill you if your card has expired.

There is NO BULK BILLING for:

  • weekend consultations
  • medical procedures
  • travel vaccination consultations
  • skin clinic appointments
  • before 12noon or after 2.50pm weekdays

Private Fees

Private consults are charged for all other patients.

  • Standard Consult: 10-15min – $103 ($41 Medicare rebate) ($113 Saturdays)
  • Long Consult: 20-30min – $165 ($80 Medicare rebate) ($175 Saturdays)
  • Sunday & Public Holidays: 10-15min – $135 ($50 Medicare rebate) ($195 long consult)

Phone Consultation Fees

  • Phone consult 10-15min $103 ($41 Medicare Rebate)
  • All telephone consultations for Health Care /Pension holders will be BULK BILLED between 12pm to 2.50pm only (if not between these hours, private billing applies)
  • Patients who exhibit COVID symptoms, require COVID advice or under quarantine will be charged a rate of $103.00
  • (New Patients who do fit these criteria will be charged $103.00 however will not be eligible for a Medicare Rebate)
  • Medicare Rebate will apply to all telephone consultations if they are existing patients to the practice (New Patients are not eligible as per Medicare Schedule)
  • Telephone payments to be processed prior to the appointment

Missed Appointment Fees

Please be mindful that all patients who miss their appointment are charged a missed appointment fee $49 (GST. Inclusive) which is not claimable through Medicare. This must be paid in full before your next visit.

Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) Fees

  • MHTP Initial 20-30min: $175 (Medicare rebate $100) ($175 Saturday)
  • MHTP Review 10-15min: $140 (Medicare rebate $80) ($150 Saturday)
  • MHTP Review 20-30min: $165 (Medicare rebate $80) ($175 Saturday)
  • Bulk billing is available as per our bulk billing policy listed above

Skin Check Fees

  • Skin check: 15-20min – $140 (Medicare rebate $41) ($160 Saturday)
  • Please note no BULK BILLING is available for skin checks

Procedure Fees

  • Iron infusion*: $290 (60min)
  • IUD Insertion price is $290 (30min)
  • Laceration Repair: $290 (30min)
  • Ingrown toenail removal*: $290 (30min)
  • Skin lesion removal*: $290 (30min)
  • Skin lesion biopsy*: $190 (15min)
  • * Initial Consult Required

Implanon Fees

  • Implanon Insertion*: $190 (15min)
  • Implanon Removal: $290 (30min)
  • Implanon Insertion & Removal*: $290 (30min)
  • * Initial Consult Required

Medical Assessments, Reports, UBER & Taxi Medicals

Weekdays only. If you are a new patient, please bring a copy of your medical records to your consultation.

  • 1-19min – $240 (GST incl)
  • 30-39min – $340 (GST incl)
  • 40-59min – $440 (GST incl)
  • 60-120min – $880 (GST incl)

WorkCover and TAC Fees (GST. inclusive)

  • Standard Consult (10-15 min) – $103
  • Long Consult (20-30 min) – $165
  • Procedure (20-30 min) – $290


In most cases, normal test results that do not require a follow-up appointment will be notified to you by SMS. All abnormal results will require a further consultation with your doctor.

  • Phone consult (10-15min) – $103

Home Visit Fees

Our doctors provide a full, 24 hour, on call service for regular patients of the clinic. To contact the after-hours doctor of the clinic please call the clinic after hours to be put through to the doctor on call. Please note private fees apply for phone advice and home visits.

  • Clinic Hours 20-30min $390 (Medicare rebate $100)
  • After Hours 20-30min $490 (Medicare rebate $150)
  • Phone Consult $150 (Medicare rebate $41)

Please note home visits during clinic hours will need to be booked and paid for in advance.