WorkCover and TAC Richmond & Abbotsford

WorkCover and Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Treatments

Yarra Medical does not directly invoice WorkCover, TAC or employers for your treatment. You will be asked to settle your account at the time of your treatment. You should be aware that the cost of treatment may be in excess of the amount WorkCover or TAC may reimburse.

Upfront Payment for WorkCover or TAC Treatment

Payments made by these authorities have not kept pace with practice costs or the increasing bureaucratic requirements of treating injured workers of those with transport accidents. For Yarra Medical Richmond to treat your injury or illness, we have instituted an upfront payment scheme. You will be asked to pay for the consultation/treatment at the time it occurs.

You can then need to seek reimbursement from WorkCover or TAC. WorkCover or TAC may not reimburse the total amount, although by law they are required to pay the reasonable cost of your treatment. The reimbursement rates for medical expenses are located at the websites and

Specialist Referral Under WorkCover or TAC

If you wish, when we refer you to another specialist we can also inform them that you understand you may be charged directly for the treatment. This allows us to broaden the number of doctors to whom we can refer you for treatment.

Please tell your doctor if you would like this communicated.

WorkCover and TAC Complaints

If you do not agree to payment upfront, please advise us before your consultation as we may refer you to another doctor. We understand that upfront payment may be more difficult or inconvenient, but feel we have few options. We have taken this decision because we wish to continue treating you and give you access to the best choice of doctors available to assist in your recovery.

If you would like more information about our policy, please ask our reception staff. For a list of our current WorkCover and TAC fees please see our fees page.

If you would like to make a complaint, please write to:

Mr Greg Tweedly
Victorian WorkSafe Authority
L24, 222 Exhibition Street


Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips
Assistant Treasurer
Level 5, 1 Macarthur Street