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  • dietitian richmond

Dietitian Richmond

October 18th, 2018|Comments Off on Dietitian Richmond

Dietitian Richmond GUT HEALTH One of the most exhilarating and ground-breaking topics in health right now is gut health, in particular the focus has been on the bacteria that live in our digestive tract, also known as our gut microbiome, which helps us break down the food we eat and absorb its nutrients. Recent research has shown that bacteria in our gut have an incredible impact on everything from fat loss and inflammation levels, to irritable bowel and food intolerance, to perhaps even our susceptibility to depression and anxiety. Fat Loss: gut bacteria influence our insulin sensitivity, which controls the way our bodies respond to carbohydrates, specifically how likely it is to turn them into fat. So what can we do in order to manipulate our microbiome into helping us burn more fat? Diversity. Research has shown that a decrease in gut diversity is also a really important marker of inflammation, which is linked to obesity, heart disease, arthritis, and even depression. Furthermore, research is showing the mind can affect the gut, and the gut can affect the mind thus be the result of our depression and anxiety. What you can do to determine if you have a problem with your gut: Focus on your bowel movements and other symptoms: That means whether you normally have three bowel movements daily or one every alternative day, a change from your individual baseline could mean there's something wrong. Other signs of gut issues are increased bloating, heartburn, abdominal cramping, flatulence and diarrhoea/constipation. Do you experience any of the following? If so, you may have [...]

  • Pilates richmond

Pilates Richmond

October 18th, 2018|Comments Off on Pilates Richmond

Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates at Yarra Medical Looking for pilates in Richmond? MOVE Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy is located within Yarra Medical in Abbotsford, inside the HIVE Shopping Centre on the boarder of Richmond and Abbotsford. Being located within a Medical Centre provides a patient-centred, multi-disciplinary approach to holistic health and wellness. We specialise in: Neck and Back Pain Sports injuries Headaches Posture Correction Exercise Prescription Pre & Post surgical rehabilitation Dry Needling Pre & Postnatal Pregnancy Clinical Pilates Introducing our brand new boutique Clinical Pilates Studio Our light filled studio is equipped with various modalities such as brand new spring loaded equipment such as the reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel and wunda chair. We offer Private and Semi Private sessions as we pride on quality teaching to ensure movements are executed with precision. All programs are individually tailored to ensure specific goals are met. Clinical Pilates is used for the treatment method for: Chronic neck and back pain Poor posture Reduced flexibility and strength Recurrent sporting injuries and suboptimal sporting performance Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy Overall Fitness and wellbeing Hicaps is available for on the spot claiming for Physiotherapy consultations. All Pilates classes are taught by Physiotherapists and can be claimed with Private Health Insurance. Please visit our website for more information To make an appointment call us on (03) 9027 6262 or book online. For a list or fees visit our fees page. Pilates richmond

Medical Centre Open Sunday

October 17th, 2018|Comments Off on Medical Centre Open Sunday

Medical Centre Open Sunday Yarra Medical is now open every Sunday. We have GPs consulting from both of our clinics in Richmond and The Hive Shopping Centre in Abbotford from 1pm to 5pm every Sunday. To make your appointment call us on (03) 9428 6200 for Richmond and (03) 9027 6262 for The Hive Shopping Centre in Abbotsford. Alternatively, you can book online.

  • PrEP Treatment Melbourne

PrEP Treatment in Melbourne

August 13th, 2018|Comments Off on PrEP Treatment in Melbourne

Looking for PrEP Treatment in Melbourne? PrEP treatment or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis to HIV is available from all doctors including Dr Edward Skinner at Yarra Medical. The treatment is designed to prevent HIV infection if you are exposed to HIV. It must be taken daily. Regular sexual health checks must be conducted every 3 months if you decide to stay on the medication. As with all medications, there can be side effects and not all patients are suitable for PrEP.  All doctors including Dr Edward Skinner requires an initial 10-15min appointment to assess your suitability for the medication. If eligible, testing will then need to be undertaken before providing a prescription for PrEP. Pathology collection is available on the day from 8am to 12noon weekdays and from 9am to 12 noon Saturday for these tests. Results will usually be available within one week. Yarra Medical is open 7 days per week including weekends. If Dr Edward Skinner is not available on the day all other doctors at the clinic are able to prescribe this medication to you. To book with Dr Eward Skinner or one of our other doctors, simply go to our online booking page to book online. Please make sure you have a look at our clinic fees listed on our website or check with the receptionist at the time of booking. Yarra Medical is located across two sites. Yarra Medical The Hive is conveniently located in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford. There is plenty of underground car parking at The Hive Shopping Centre for [...]

Physiotherapy & Reformer Pilates

July 10th, 2018|Comments Off on Physiotherapy & Reformer Pilates

Physiotherapy and reformer pilates is now up and running at Yarra Medical The Hive Shopping Centre located in Abbotsford. Come down and meet Jenny and Sarah from MOVE Physio today. Booking can be made on-line at Physio & Pilates

  • flu shot

Flu shots running low!

July 8th, 2018|Comments Off on Flu shots running low!

Yarra Medical still has a small supply of flu shots at both our clinics in Richmond and The Hive Shopping Centre Abbotsford. There has been a big demand for flu shots with the introduction of free flu shots for kids under 5. So get in quick to secure your last minute flu shot before the flu season arrives. Book your flu shot online with a standard 10-15min appointment. flu shots melbourne  

Free 45-49y/o health checks

June 5th, 2018|Comments Off on Free 45-49y/o health checks

Free 45-49y/o health checks. Did you know Medicare cold holders can access a one off 45-49y/o health check for Free? The comprehensive health check takes 1h to complete with the clinic nurse and your regular GP. Please call reception to book.

Free Vaccines for men who have sex with men

March 13th, 2018|Comments Off on Free Vaccines for men who have sex with men

In conjunction with the Department of Health, Yarra Medical is providing free vaccines for men who have sex with men. The vaccines available are: Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Meningococcal ACWY Human papillomavirus (HPV) They are available free of charge across all our sites. Some are only available for a limited time so book online today. Please note standard consult fees apply for your free vaccines.

Iron Infusion

February 9th, 2018|Comments Off on Iron Infusion

Low iron? Get an iron infusion at Yarra Medical. Iron infusions are available at all of our sites. Please book an initial appointment with the doctor to arrange or review your tests. A second appointment will then be arranged to have your iron infusion over 1h at the clinic. Fees for this procedure are listed under Fees on our website.  Book your initial appointment on-line with any of our doctors today.  

Doctors near Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre

February 9th, 2018|Comments Off on Doctors near Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre

Did you know the doctors at Yarra Medical Richmond are located just a 2min walk from Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre? Our doctors are located on Victoria St and are open until 7pm most nights. So if you are looking for a doctor close to Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre book on-line today with one of our Richmond doctors.